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Creative Clay Artists Book

Project Type

Book Design


September 2019

This booklet was created for Creative Clay’s 25th anniversary and includes their artists’ details and works. Creative Clay is a community initiative where neurodivergent artists can express themselves and increase inclusivity in the arts. Myself and some classmates volunteered to take on this project while in the USF Design Program. Highlights of 3 artists can be found here.

Each week, 50 to 60 adult artists with neuro-differences participate in Creative Clay, a community initiative. Their purpose is to use the arts to enable persons with disabilities live full and inclusive lives. I and eight other classmates volunteered for the assignment of creating Creative Clay’s 25th anniversary booklet, which includes all of their artists’ details and works, which was handed to the USF design department. The templates for the pages I prepared for three different artists in their program are available here.

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